Move & breathe at your pace.

Come away refreshed.



Our virtual yoga sessions are oriented to get you moving at your pace and comfort level and allows you to do yoga at home.

Yoga is a great way to improve your physical endurance. It’s a great solo activity or it can help improve your fitness level with other activities.

Yoga will help you relax while you stretch and strengthen your body. 


Our virtual yoga sessions are designed to help improve your breathing.

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension and promotes health and well being.

Breathe easy practicing yoga at home at your level and in total comfort.


Our virtual yoga sessions will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Yoga improves your body, strengthens connection between your mind and body through mindful meditation .

Take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself to get the clarity you need while doing yoga at home.


Serenity Sessions & Membership

Group sessions of up to 15 people to strengthen & calm your body & mind.

Zen Sessions

Private custom tailored sessions with 100% focus on your needs at your pace.

Bliss Package

12 week one to one programme to free you from back pain suffering.

Looking for a more self-paced approach?

Check out the details of several offers that are aimed at practicing sessions at your own pace – when you want it. And yet they have offerings to attend live sessions, ability to ask any questions you may have about the sessions and movements or get in touch by email if you just can’t wait till the next session. Or you can simply turn this in the fully self-paced offering, as the recording from each live session will be available to you for a set period of time. So whether you miss it or making it fully self-paced – we have you covered.



Smile, laugh, no extra charge

We’re all about one thing at FOOTPRINT YOGA….YOU!!

We understand every body is different! How boring would that be? If you are looking for a cookie cutter yoga class that feels unnatural and rigid, we aren’t for you.  

The good news is, we’re all about bringing positive vibes into every session. Our goal is to awaken your feelings for more movement, improved breathing, and an overall longing for refreshment.

But watch out, you might find yourself smiling, laughing, or tapping your foot to your favorite beat. Fun is definitely part of any virtual yoga session with us.

We understand social distancing may have you feeling a little bit down or isolated. The benefit of our virtual sessions is the ability to do yoga at home in total comfort in your personal space, or office to meet your exact situation and tempo.

Want to relax & rest? We have you covered. Looking to learn a new form? Yep, we’ve got you there. Looking for a high-intensity workout? You better believe it.


Questions? Just ask.

We understand getting started is the hardest part of the journey. We’d love to answer your questions and get all of the details about you and your objectives.




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"I have had the pleasure of being taught by Aiste and I can highly recommend her! Aiste has a warmth that makes all welcome. She is very knowledgeable but also knows when to not take herself too seriously. Aiste offers a class that everyone will be able to benefit from. She is able to modify the class when needed but also offer students options to build strength in asana practice!
She really does spread the joy of Yoga through her teachings!"

Justine, 2019 August

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" When Aiste offered us some yoga sessions I never thought I would take part in them! Initially I joined in to make up the numbers but I soon started to feel the benefit of it. I could also see the real benefit to many of the other people in our centre. Aiste was always supportive of my lack of balance and general newness to the practice of yoga. I always felt looked after & safe in the sense that she would never force me to do something that would cause me hurt or pain (apart from that that comes from moving and stretching myself in ways I have never done before!).

The other thing that surprised me was the joy in the group! I have a memory like a sieve but I really have remembered so much of the practice - which for me shows what a good teacher Aiste is! "

Simon, 2019 August

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" Aiste is a brilliant expert when it comes to Yoga, Mental Health and Well-being.

She cares about other people and always wants to deliver the best results possible for her clients!

Her work is her passion.

If you are looking for someone who will help you unwind and clear your head, send Aiste a message.

You will be glad you did! "

Artem, 2020 June

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